Awakening the Chakras Through Yoga

Although we might be familiar with our energy levels being low when we are fatigued, or high when we feel strong and vigorous, the concept of the energy body, energy centres or chakras may seem a little bit ‘out there’ as they are something we feel do not directly experience us.

In our yoga practice, we use asana, breath-work and meditation to connect with the energy body, and to release blockages within it. Energy, known as prana, can then flow freely within the energy channels, known as the nadis, nourishing the body, bringing energy to muscles, bones, organs and indeed to every single cell within us.

nadisThe chakras are the energy centres of the body, where the nadis form wheels or vortexes of energy, helping to re-distribute the energy within us. There are 7 main chakras, and their position in the body along the spine, are closely aligned to the glands.

The chakras influence us physically, mentally and emotionally and play and integral role in maintaining good health and well-being. The qualities of each chakra are linked to different levels of our psychological development and manifest in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We can help awaken and balance the energy of the chakras though our yoga practice, and also by meditating on each centre.

anahataFrom 2-4pm on Full Moon, Sunday 16th October we will be doing precisely this, following a deep relaxing and nourishing restorative yoga practice. There are still some places available and you can book online here to reserve your space. Join me, Claire Rodgers, co-author of ‘Awakening the Chakras Through Yoga’ and experience more consciously, your connection to your energy body.

By Claire Rodgers