Beginners Guide to Yoga

The best place to begin your yoga journey is to join our Absolute Beginners Yoga Course that runs on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. You can check out the next enrolment date from our Yoga Courses page here Running over 6 weeks this specialised course will introduce you to the foundation of Classical Haha Yoga and is the ideal way to learn in a safe and healthy way. Week upon week, you will build your cardio-vascular health, sculpt your body, build strength, and experience a new level of balance, energy and flexibility whilst having fun. There is plenty of time for you to get to grips with the yoga basics, hands-on help to learn the right yoga alignment for you, and give you that blissed yoga glow feeling from your very first session. On completion of the course we recommend you moving up to our Beginners Plus Yoga Course or to join our Beginners Plus Flexi Membership.

Beginners + Flexi Pass

If you prefer the idea of not being stuck to the one class and time the Flexi Membership is the perfect next step in your yoga journey so that you can be held safely within our Classical Haha Yoga Classes at the right level for you. Within your Membership you have the choice of booking into 4 specific classes over a 4 week period, giving you brilliant assurance of never missing a class, or giving options to bunch up more classes into one week if you are away or incase you work shifts. Choose between Tuesdays at 9.30am or 7.30pm, Wednesdays 10.30am or 7.30pm.


  • Rolling membership, 3 month commitment required
  • One class a week
  • Tuesdays 9.30am or 7.30pm, Wednesdays 10.30am or 7.30pm
  • No need to stick to the same class each week
  • Four week rolling payment of £37.50

Improvers Yoga Courses

Suitable for students who have completed our Absolute Beginners Courses or who have fallen off the yoga wagon and are ready to get back onto it within a set 6 week course. This course continues from where you left off, commencing with warming the muscles and joints, and breath awareness before developing a flowing yoga practice of different sequences to build strength, stamina and flexibility. This course will develop your awareness of movement and breath, and incorporates changing yoga sequences to align you to the season, to bring you an enriching, balanced, yoga practice.


  • Next step from Absolute Beginners Yoga Course
  • £55
  • Set Class on either Wednesday 7.30pm or Saturday 9am
  • Next Enrolment Dates can be found HERE