Online Classes with Yoga Healing Glasgow

Unlimited Classes – £35 per month

10.30am, 5.15pm or 6.30pm classes – £ 7 Drop In Option

All you need is a yoga mat, wifi connection, and device


Wake Up Yoga Flow

Start your day with an anchor of inspiration and awaken with an energising flowing yoga practice. Suitable for All Levels and particularly for those that enjoy Sun Salutations, Warriors and Flow.

Prana Vayu Yoga

Connect to every single layer of your body through Classical Hatha Yoga, releasing stress, tension and fatigue from your mind, body and soul and building strength and resilience from the inside out.

Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga

Revitalise and build strength and flexibility through a combination of flow-ing yoga sequences, breath-work, restorative postures, relaxation and medi-tation to help connect and balance the energy centres of your body.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Bring movement and energy back into your body through the dynamic and flowing practice of Vinyasa Yoga. Through each seamless sequence feel the tensions melt away as you clear your mind and restore your energy.

Classical Hatha Yoga

Unite movement with breath to nurture comfort and ease in your body through a classical sequence of yoga postures, breath-work and relaxation, to strength, flexibility and relaxation to mind, body and spirit.

Seasonal Yoga Flow

Tune into the energy of the seasons with a tapestry of flowing yo-ga sequences, seated postures, breath-work and deep relaxation to leave you feeling balanced, energised and connected.

Core Yoga Blast

A challenging yoga burst focusing upon the abdomen, back and pelvic muscles to improve agility, balance, posture, flexibility and strength to your body and sharpness to your mind.

Morning Meditation

Be guided through a morning meditation and learn valuable tools to devel-op your own self practice so that you can build a daily meditation practice into your life.

Pranayama and Meditation

Boost your immune system, and manage stress and tension levels through different pranayama and meditation practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime.

Yoga Nidra and Evening Meditation

Evening breathing techniques to help you relax, connect back to yourself and Yoga Nidra to relieve tension and stress, while promoting good sleep.

Yin and Restorative Yoga

Bring calm, relaxation, and balance into your body and mind and enjoy breathing exercises, meditation, gentle movement, and long-held seated postures as well as a fully immersive yoga nidra, relaxation and meditation to complete your day.

Yoga Philosophy Group

A chance to chat, share, connect and bring your yoga off the mat and into your daily life and learning how yoga philosophy can bring so many bene-fits into your whole life.