Finding the Edge of your Posture

When you embark on your yoga journey, there maybe an inner dialogue that is yet to be actualised. An unconscious stammer of thoughts that aggravate the actions you are aiming for. This chat can even stop you on your tracks from even getting to class. We all know that chatter: Is this what I’m meant to be doing? Why can’t I get this? Am I doing this wrong?

I think this is one of the most prescious aspects of having a teacher, as opposed to practicing or learning yourself. Your teacher will keep bringing you out of your mind and into your body and into the feeling of finding your edge.

Through your repetitive footprints that you encrypt on your mat, you may move through every emotional moment, yet staying with the practise and feeling your way through builds more courage within you than you can imagine, and returning week by week develops a discipline and mental strength that spreads throughout your whole life.

So what is the edge?

At the beginning of each yoga class, you will move away from your mind and into your body, through the awareness and practice of breath. You will feel the breath being received with ease, by each nostril, and be with the journey of your breathing. Your awareness will actualise the subtle differences within your body as you inhale and exhale, and you will feel how your body responds to both. As you move through your practice you will begin to feel how the postures affect your breathing. You will quickly feel within your body when you have gone to far, or when you have not gone far enough, without the limitation of your mind, and this is the point that you have come to the edge of your posture.

Breath by breath you will be at that place, guided though your teacher, so that you are completely safe. When you are at your edge, and you know you are safe, you can channel your breath to different focal points inside your body, creating internal space for your body to experience being there, and through this deep focus, you will experience greater moments of being at centre of your being.

Wherever you place your mat, allow your soul to be heard, to be enriched, your time to be restored. You will walk taller, you will feel stronger, you will transcend the grace that you have always been, Never give up on your own journey.