Anthea Simpson

…nurtures comfort, confidence and ease that allows your inner strength to be ignited and your whole body to be rejuvenated.


Claire Rodgers

…cultivates peace and stillness through holistic practices of yoga therapy to bring harmony and balance back to your whole being.


Anna Daintrey

…unveils teachings and wisdom to your seasonal compass and reawakens you to your inner and outer world connection.


Ema Sibikina

…feeds your ability to find the magic, capability and poise within you and to bring those gifts into your daily life.

Tamara Goldie

Tamara Goldie

…leads you into clarity of the immersive teachings of yoga and how to embody their teachings with joy and understanding.


Claire Fisher

…holds space for the quietness within you to be and supports you to connect to your own sense of self that resides within you.


Maxie Barr

…brightens your path by waking you up in a vibrant, healthy way to help you feel supported to live your most authentic and vivid self.


Chris Smith

…protects the simplicity of the practice through mindfulness, meditation and breath supporting you into the ease of purpose and presence.