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The beauty of crystal singing bowls and why they’re so special

Since I started studying therapeutic sound nearly 2 years ago I’ve become fascinated by how different sound frequencies can clear deep-rooted and long-standing energy blockages in the body and promote general health and well-being. In that time I’ve loved expanding the range of tools or instruments that I bring to my sound journeys. I’m a bit like a child in a sweetie shop.
My latest investment is a chakra set of 7 beautiful white frosted crystal singing bowls which I have been finding quite addictive: I frequently set them out in the living room and get totally lost in their exquisite sounds.

So what is it that makes crystal singing bowls so special? And what can they add to a sound journey?

Well firstly, crystal singing bowls have beautiful pure, clear sounds. They have an angelic quality to them which creates a feeling of peace and harmony. Nothing scratches or grates. They have a long sustain and amazing harmonic tones. At my last sound journey, someone was amazed that I seemed to be in two places at once. I was playing my koshi chimes at one end of the hall while the bowls were still sounding at the other end.

A client told me recently at the end of her 1 to 1 session with crystal bowls that she felt cocooned in a wall of sound which gently nurtured her and held her safe. When we feel safe to relax, our bodies naturally start to let go and the stress and tension just drain away. Negative states of mind, stress and tension can cause disturbances in our bodies and energy centres so when these are removed, the natural flow of energy is restored and our bodies’ own healing mechanisms kick in. I call myself a sound healing practitioner rather than a sound healer – I have never healed anyone. I have just helped create states where people’s natural healing can occur.

Crystal singing bowls are a by-product of the electronics industry. They were originally used to make components for microchips as they could withstand very high temperatures. Somewhere along the line, sound healers found that they created beautiful healing sounds and they are now made specifically for sound healing. They are made of 99.9% quartz and so contain all the qualities of quartz crystals. Quartz has the innate ability to amplify, transform, store, focus and transfer energy which is why it is used in the electronics industry. Likewise, the human body is said to contain crystalline structures which will transmit the sounds received from the bowls through our organs, tissues and cells.

Because they produce exact notes and pure tones, they are very effective in chakra balancing and can be used on and off the body. Placed directly on the body they give the client a direct experience of the vibrations moving through blocked chakras removing deep, ingrained physical, emotional and mental imbalances and getting to the root of issues. Long standing pain can be alleviated as the emotional blocks behind the pain are removed. If you have a long-standing back problem for example, you may not even be aware of the fact that you are creating tension through the way you stand or hold yourself – you may be protecting your back from further injury and so creating tension. Once you become aware of this pattern, the pattern can be released, the natural energy flow restored and the back pain vanishes as if by magic.

Finally the frequencies of crystal singing bowls have the abilities to affect our brainwaves slowing them down from our daily waking state of beta into the relaxed meditative state of alpha or even deeper into the theta state where we can change our subconscious beliefs and activate our bodies own healing. The most common feedback that I receive from participants at my monthly sound journeys is that they have never felt so relaxed. And it feels effortless – like meditation without the work it usually takes to get there. There is a very special silence at the end of a sound journey as people slowly return to a waking state.

So crystal singing bowls can bring us back to our natural state of balance returning our chakras, aura and physical body to its natural vibration and flow.

I love playing my crystal bowls as they allow me to enter totally into the present moment. Absorbed in their sounds I feel at one with my bowls.

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of crystal singing bowls, there are still some places left at this month’s sound journey at Yoga Healing Glasgow on 24th March. There will also be Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, some Shamanic drumming, koshi chimes and healing voice. There will be a guided meditation to start to help you relax into the journey. I’m so looking forward to sharing my beautiful bowls with you.

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Morag Wylie is a sound healing practitioner who trained with the ANSU School of Sound. She is currently working towards a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing (1 to 1 clients) with the Sound Healing Academy. She runs regular sound journeys at Yoga Healing Glasgow and in her local community hall on the outskirts of Falkirk.

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