Unplug and Rest Deeply

While we all know that unplugging potentially sets us up for deep rest, it can be rather difficult to pull away from the technology. We live within an incredible age of instant knowledge and visual enticement, but to unplug does indeed slow us down, and that slowing down is more and more essential to our well-being. We can get ourselves into the habit of pushing through fatigue, giving ourselves endless tasks to complete and before we know it we are looking for quick fixes to keep us going.

Find the white space

On Sunday night, glance at your diary for the week ahead. Look for unscheduled time, even if that means the hour on the train on the way home from work. This white space represents potential unplug deep rest time. Place an X in that time slot. Start with a couple of these time-slots a week and see how you get on from there.

Go for a long walk alone

Walk to walk, without your phone and without the need of getting anywhere. If it is possible walk within nature, breathing fresh air and away from traffic. Give yourself the solitude to enjoy the quiet and the scenery around you. Unplug, breathe deep and allow your nervous system to shift from the fast-paced and stressed state of fight or flight to the more relaxed state of rest and digest.

Retreat to your bedroom

yoga space

Make a cup of tea, grab your journal or an inspiring book and go to your own personal space. Give yourself well-deserved alone time. Even if you don’t even crack open the book or lift your pen to paper, rejoice in the alone time, and the fact that your phone won’t buzz or your laptop won’t be calling you.


Sit comfortably, close your eyes and notice your breath. Spend a few minutes alone in your quiet space each day. Perhaps start by counting your breath from 10 to zero. If you lose count, start again. Allow the counting to be your one point focus, before having a few minutes of being in the silence afterwards, watching what rises and falls.

Stay Unplugged through the night

As difficult as it is to resist checking your phone before going to bed, try a few nights a week, to keep the Wi-Fi off and all devices switched off. Notice the benefit to your sleep, your dreams and the depth of your rest. Enjoy these moments, they’re precious and allow us to be more in the moment of joy, spontaneity and presence with our loved ones and more resilient to the challenges that come up in day to day life.

By Anthea Simpson